Monday, August 16, 2004

Final ESPN NFL 2K5 Slider Settings

The last revision, I promise. The fumble test prompted me to change the fumble setting, and I did some testing on kicking today that indicates the kicking slider only affects accuracy, not distance. I also was able to use the Situation mode to test successful field goal percentage, and gathering actual data (instead of adjusting the slider based solely on kickoff distance, back when I thought it affected distance) led me to a surprising conclusion: the best setting for the CPU kicking slider, in order to make kickers as close to their real NFL counterparts as possible, is 40.

I'll probably have one last post about Franchise house rules, but I think this is it for slider settings.

First value is Human setting, second value is CPU setting:
Blocking: 16,40
Passing: 0,40
Running: 16,40
Catching: 40,40
Coverage: 8,24
Pursuit: 8,10
Tackling: 8,8
Kicking: 0,40
Fatigue: 4,4
Injury: 20
Fumbles: 28
Interceptions: 0

Penalties--all at max except the following:
Offensive holding: 32
Clipping: 24
Roughing the Kicker: 32
Ineligible Receiver Downfield: 32

In the Gameplan option during the game, you can set substitution in/out thresholds. Using out 60%, in 85% provides with a good substitution pattern in conjunction with the fatigue settings.

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