Friday, October 01, 2004

ESPN NBA 2K5 (Xbox)

If you have an HD set, I'm sorry to report that ESPN NBA 2K5 looks like ass in 480p. The game supported 720p last year, although there were framerate issues, and without 720p support the game looks worse than ESPN NFL and ESPN NHL.

I'm sensing a trend here. ESPN NFL was fantastic. ESPN NHL was excellent, but not as good (in my opinion, anyway). From the reports I've seen, ESPN NBA is the weakest of the three, and I expect ESPN MLB 2K5 to be weaker still, given that it's the first year for a new development house to handle the game. Hopefully ESPN College Hoops 2005, which was both flawed and fantastic last year (and my favorite sports game of 2004), will reverse that trend.

I'm waiting for the PC version of NBA Live, but if it's good, I'll be starting a slider project. The Madden project died on the vine because even the PC version lacks the vitality of ESPN, and the sliders and franchise house rules for ESPN have worked out so well that I'm just not interested in Madden this year.

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