Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Half-Life 2 Update

Here's something I received from an industry source who wishes to remain anonymous:
Vivendi is very eager to get the game out ASAP and Valve submitted RC5 late last week to Vivendi for testing. I think they were down to three show stoppers after RC4, nothing huge. They're being very careful about getting a stable release out the door and with all the big reviews hitting the net I'm not surprised. It's looking to be something very special. The delays are not Vivendi sitting on a finished game or Valve not playing fair.

EB Games and Gamestop still have the game listed as shipping 11/1. Other industry news sites like www.gamesindustry.biz had stories last week listing a November 23 release for the U.S. and a November 26 release in Europe.

Thanks to Mr. Anonymous.

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