Thursday, October 07, 2004

More From Mr. Johnson

This is in response to my 'Johnson' story involving Eli 3.2 earlier this week, and it's from Chris Seguin:

Actually, at least you don’t have girls. Which of the following should concern me most about my 5 year old daughter:
1. this summer she wanted a bikini
2. she wanted a matching pair of sunglasses to go with the bikini
3. she wanted a matching pair of flip-flops to go with the bikini and glasses
4. the entire set cost $50
5. all of the above!

I think that I am doomed, because she learned these “shopping” techniques from my wife. Buying bathing suits for boys is easy – as long as it isn’t white, it’s cool. In fact, buying any clothes for boys is easy – t-shirts and jeans, or t-shirts and khaki shorts. And don’t forget a few pairs of white tube socks. Done!

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