Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Only Legally Available For Sale in Nevada

We have a new shampoo in the house.

It's called 'Catwalk.' As I read the label, it mentions sex so often that I don't know if it's product information or a solicitation from an undercover officer working on the vice squad. It should come bundled with a package of condoms and a stern warning about STD's.

I call it 'Cathouse,' of course.

This leads to some one-sided conversations always ending in 'Argghh.'

For instance:
"Honey, we're almost out of Cathouse."

Last week she bought me a 'man's shampoo' called 'Crew.' It's fine except I don't want to join a group to use a shampoo. I'm not part of a crew. I'm not a crew kind of guy. My dream shampoo is called 'The Curmudgeon,' and it has a picture of an old man sitting on a park bench by himself.

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