Sunday, October 03, 2004

Reader E-mail

You people are all crazy. Here are notes from your e-mails.

Henrik Nilsson notes that Kamchatka is a peninsula and was never a country. I remember playing risk in the late 1970's (high school) and I was always struck by how impossibly exotic the name sounded. It was the coolest sounding region on the whole board.

Paul Meyer sends along a link to a card game called "Gother Than Thou: The Most Pretentious Card Game Ever Made." The site hasn't been updated in several years, but the game looks like it can still be purchased and the site itself is very funny at times. Here's the link:

John Selzer let me know that he actually went to school with Fred Gwynn's (Herman Munster) daughter.

Matt Kreuch let me know that X800 XT-PE's, still in very short supply, can be found at Best Buy, believe it or not, if you know how to ask for them. The process worked for him and here's a link to the thread he saw over at Rage3D that explains what to do:

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