Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Rodney Dangerfield R.I.P.

Rodney Dangerfield passed away yesterday. I think looking at his wife may have killed him--she was about forty years younger and qualified as hot under most international standards--and he would have wanted it that way. Not bad for a bug-eyed guy whose first career as a comedian failed.

He came back at forty-two and was golden for the rest of his career. Dangerfield was very old school, and the repetition of that style could be grating at times, but the man said some funny, funny things.

My favorite Dangerfield line: I'm not going to say my wife can't cook, but should toast have bones?

That will still be funny two hundred years from now.

That was always the irony of Rodney Dangerfield--his style was dated, almost painfully so, but inside it he had some jokes that are absolutely timeless.

Here's a fond farewell to Mr. Dangerfield. He didn't write it, but he could have.

So after I die, I'm waiting in line to be sent to heaven or hell. There's a guy with a clipboard, and I say "Hey, where am I going?"

He smiles and says "I'm not allowed to tell you, but here's a hint. Your wife has cooked dinner and she's waiting for you."

"Give me another chance!" I say.

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