Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Of Course The Company Will Still Respect You

The Company That Dare Not Speak Its Name (in other words, my employer) published another one of its feel-good newsletters today. This is a large corporation, and the disconnect between the employee publication and reality is extreme--I feel like I'm reading about some kind of undisclosed holiday destination when I peer through its pages.

Today I saw that the company, in the newsletter's words, is 'embracing diversity.'


I am a strong proponent of diversity. But I don't want the company I work for 'embracing' anything. I don't want to read about my company french-kissing productivity or copping a feel from corporate reorganization. I don't want to know that efficiency let it get to third base but stopped there, then asked why the company would buy the cow if it could get the milk for free.

I do hope the company is using protection, but I already had a talk with them about it and now it's up to them.

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