Friday, December 17, 2004

Video Card Innovation Rapidly Increasing

From Tom's Hardware:
Chicago (IL) - Gigabyte will announce Friday a graphics card running two graphics processors on one board. According to sources, the SLI card will lift current 3DMark2003 record levels by a significant margin while being priced lower than ATI's and Nvidia's single-GPU high-end cards.

For several years, graphics cards manufacturers have taken the same approach to improving their product : the 'hella fast' strategy. They introduce a card and say "Whoo! This beast is hella fast!" It was all about frequencies and die shrinks. I've been continually surprised that no one tried to capitalize on some sort of dual-rendering technology.

In the last three months, though, innovation has returned. Nvidia's SLI approach is a terrific new idea, and it's been so well-received that ATI will be offering a similar type of setup by summer of next year. Now Gigabyte is putting dual cores on the same board, which is something else companies should have already been doing.

This has been a good year for graphics cards. Both the ATI X800 XT-PE and the GeForce 6800 Ultra are outstanding products, and the SLI and dual-core products are icing on the cake.

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