Thursday, January 13, 2005

Follow-up On Run Ronnie Run!

After posting about Run Ronnie Run! I received an e-mail from DQ reader Joshua Peterson, pointing me to this article: The article makes it very clear that at least one group of people absolutely hated the movie: the guys who wrote it.

The article is written by Bob Odenkirk, one of the screenplay's four writers, who were also all writers on HBO's "Mr. Show," which is where the Ronnie character first appeared. What makes the article so interesting is that Odendirk is clearly an extremely thoughtful, intelligent person, and he has a very carefully defined analysis of why Run Ronnie Run! was "ruined," in his words.

And that analysis is totally wrong.

Odendirk's theory is that the director ruined the film in editing. Well, it wasn't ruined. Most of the time, it's fall-off-the-couch funny. Whenever the film is 'plausibly real,' it's a masterpiece. However, it's the script that sometimes veers off on wildly ridiculous tangents, and those moments aren't very funny at all. The editing has nothing to do with that. So I would still highly recommend the film, because at its best moments, it's one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time. Just be prepared for some uneven moments along with the hilarious ones.

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