Friday, March 04, 2005

Friday Time Wasters

Here are some Friday afternoon time-wasters, unfortunately not published until Friday evening. Or Saturday in Australia. Or maybe Thursday in Australia. I tend to forget.

Pure Pwnage has a new episode out ( There's a lengthier explanation in the September archives, but it's basically a mockumentary on video game culture, and it's very, very funny. You'll need the DivX codec to view (link available from the Pure Pwnage link).

DQ reader Doug Walsh sends along a link to a video of a FOUR YEAR OLD passing his Gran Turismo license test. Amazing, and a really cute little kid, too. Here's the link:

DQ reader Jody Parsells sends a link to a site threatening to eat a rabbit unless people pay a sizable ransom. It's very funny satire, and it appears that donations at this point are over seventeen thousand dollars. That, too, may be satire, but people like to laugh. Here's the link: Be sure to check out the Recipes section.

I've visited a funky little cartoon site called Exploding Dog for several years. The artist is named Sam and he draws these amazing pictures--very child-like and very funny. Now he has books in print and has turned into a phenomenon. This is the kind of site that will either blow you away or you'll be totally baffled as to why anyone would like this. I think I've mentioned this site before, but for the benefit of the new reader this month, here it is again:

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