Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Scary Long-Toed People

Here they come. The stories from “people with long toes who pick up things.”

This gem is from LP Miller, Editor in Chief of Got Apex (www.gotapex.com), the site that finds unbelievable discounts on high-tech gear (and Dell in particular).

I'm double jointed in my fingers and toes, which I get from my dad. So I can have my toes point up at a 90 degree angle from my foot, no problems.

From my mom, I inherited very long toes. Almost fingers, really.

So all my life, I've picked up things with my feet. Pencils, abc magnets, cups on the floor, whatever. Drives my wife nuts, because lets face it, she has underdeveloped toes. Stunted, really.

When my oldest was born, the first thing I noticed was the long, slender toes. About the time she was four years old, she freaked out my wife when she dropped a crayon, reached down with a foot and picked it up on the first try.

"Good lord, there's two of you!"

Naturally, we were all excited when the youngest was born last year with long, slender toes. It's only a matter of time now.

It's reached a point now where my wife will struggle for hours to pick something up with her sad, stunted little feet. Finally, she'll manage it, and the kids and I have learned to praise her like she just learned to walk on her own or something. Even though we all know that she'll never really know the pleasure of never having to bend down to pick up the fork on the floor.

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