Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Peg Owns Fate

Thanks to DQ reader Marty Devine for submitting this Fate story:

just downloaded the demo of this one last night finally, and was playing around with it prior to some friends showing up for some tabletop gaming. My 9 year old daughter, Peg, came by and watched with interest...she really enjoys watching me play games. So I was down on the first level, and came across the guy selling stuff. She spotted a fishing pole in his inventory and asked "You can go fishing in this game?" I said yeah, if you catch fish and feed them to your dog, they turn the dog into something else. So she asked if we can try it, I buy a pole and start fishing. She absolutely loved the idea of feeding your dog a fish and having it turn into a unicorn.

So my friends show up, and she asks if she can go fishing some more. Sure, I said, and left her to her amusements. I came back a couple of hours later to find my treasure chest COMPLETELY filled with fish, and about 600K in gold in my coffers. Apparently every time she caught something that wasn't a fish, she would identify it and sell it off. Apparently one of the items she caught was an ultra-rare item worth like 400K in gold!

Who needs fancy coding and macros to set up fishing bots? Just apply a 9-year old to the task!

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