Monday, August 29, 2005

Weather Stations: No Longer Transmitting

Unfortunately the weather station I was using for the earlier post (and all other weather stations in that area) stopped transmitting data shortly thereafter. Not surprising. So I won't be able to show you the data for the rest of the build-up and the back half, unfortunately, which would have been interesting.

The estimates about how long it will take to pump the water out of New Orleans vary wildly, as do the estimates of the damage to the ports. If you're wondering about the economic importance of New Orleans to the United States, here's an excerpt from Stratfor that makes it very clear:
The city of New Orleans, the Port of South Louisiana and Port Fourchon combined serve as the hub of trade and energy collection and distribution for the middle third of the country.

I don't think anyone knows much of anything at this point, and with the city in darkness no one is going to find out tonight, but hopefully much more information will be available tomorrow. And hopefully the few deaths reported so far are the only ones.

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