Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bizarro Link Collection

A wide-ranging collection of links, not listed in order of perceived importance.

#1: Gabe of Penny Arcade apparently got into some kind of dust-up with Harlan Ellison last weekend at the Foolscap convention. There are several posts about it on the front page here:
http://www.penny-arcade.com/. It's bizarre and interesting reading.

Tomorrow (Wednesday), these will roll off the PA front page, but you should still be able to find them in the archives.

#2: An excellent link from DQ reader Cliff Eyler about evolution and genomic analysis. It's pretty amazing stuff and you can read it here:

#3: Six hundred barrels of buried treasure have been found by a robot on Crusoe Island. Robot, Will Robinson, Robinson Crusoe, insert your joke here. It's ten billion dollars in treasure, by the way, and it's a pretty fascinating story. Here's the link:

#4: Allegedly, the Irish Republican Army has disarmed in "totality." That's certainly a phrase I never expected to hear in my lifetime. I've been trying to read a long history of the I.R.A. and The Troubles for almost a year now, and the conflict is so excruciatingly dense that it's almost beyond comprehension. I read the book for a few days at a time and my head feels like it weighs six tons. I hope this is a significant step toward a longer-term outcome that all sides can accept, even if it's not fully satisfying to anyone.

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