Friday, September 30, 2005


F.E.A.R. We've talked about it before.

I saw the "world-exclusive-review" or whatever the hell they're calling it over at PC Gamer (I'd like to thank the newsstand at Fry's, which had an open copy). It received a 92%, which is no surprise.

I have NEVER seen an "exclusive first" review with a poor score. I probably never will.

What surprised me, though, is a comment the reviewer made about the game's length: ten hours.

TEN hours?

That's five hours shorter than Max Payne 2 (an excellent game), which I thought was the absolute minimum length a game could be and retain credibility. As much as I want to play this game, I doubt that I'm going to spend fifty bucks for ten hours of gameplay.

And this runs very much in the face of what I said this week about games adding more content and getting longer due to competition. This damn game certainly didn't.

I didn't read all of the review, but I can just imagine some of the comments:
"The design of the level is excellent."
"Both enemies featured excellent textures."

What's also frustrating is what they've crammed into the "Director's Edition" DVD. Take a look at this:
--FEAR comic book created by Dark Horse Comics
--"Making of" F.E.A.R. Documentary video
--Developer' s Roundtable Commentary Video
--F.E.A.R Live Action "Declassified" Interviews with Alma
--F.E.A.R. Machinima Episode

Those are excellent extras. Too bad they kind of forgot the game that's supposed to go with it.

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