Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I See England, I See France

Apparently, it's England's underpants that are being seen this week.

From the BBC
Russia's intelligence agency, the FSB, has accused British agents of storing and exchanging classified information using a fake rock on a Russian street.

In itself, no big deal. The great game goes on without pause. What made this story interesting to me, though, was the rock. Spies, if I remember correctly, often deposit information at a secure location, where it is retrieved at a later time. It's called a 'dead drop' because there's no need for two people to meet face to face. It's far less risky.

Well, this was a dead drop, but in a new way. The agent simply walked near the rock, wirelessly beamed the intelligence, and walked off. Very simple and certainly nothing revolutionary--for us--but I'd never heard of it being used in espionage before.

Their password to retrieve the data was probably "password."

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