Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Funky Link Connection

A bizarre assemblage of links submitted by you guys, and all quite entertaining.

First, from Malcolm Cox, a link to a website created by John Boileau, who applied to be manager of the Middlesbrough Football Club. His primary qualification? Why, his expertise in the classic football simulation Football Manager, of course. It's one of the funniest job application letters I've ever read, and even funnier is the club's brilliant reply. You can find it here.

John Harwood sent in a fantastic link to a vintage map site. You will not believe how beautifully these maps have been scanned and the resolutions available for viewing. It's absolutely spectacular, and here's the link.

Geoff Engelstein sent in two more excellent science links. The first is a website with a scale model of a hydrogen atom. Here's more from Geoff:
To get a sense of scale the author made the electron be one pixel on the web page. That made the proton about 1,000 pixels, and the distance between the electron and proton 50,000,000 pixels. If your monitor is showing 72 DPI that's 11 miles across.

It's one of the best presentations of scale on the atomic level that I've ever seen, and here's the link.

The second link is a presentation slide slow about Dark Matter and Dark Energy. It's a very clear explanation of both, and the problems they potentially solve (as well as several they cause), and you can find it here.

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