Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Puffy Chair

We went to see a great movie Saturday night.

I don't attach the word "great" to movies any more often than I attach it to games--in other words, almost never.

The Puffy Chair, though, is a great movie.

It's the darkest, most hilarious relationship/road trip movie you can imagine. Did I mention that it's dark? The writing is absolutely brilliant, and I laughed so hard that I cried--not once, but twice. That's a record for me.

The brothers who wrote this--Jay and Mark Duplass--are going to be the new Coen Brothers. And they are going to get way too much attention, which hopefully won't ruin their ability to be both cynical and inspired at the same time.

Before we walked in to the movie, we stopped at the snack bar for a twelve-dollar Coke that we could "upsize" for only fifty cents, and if we did, it came with its own wheeled cart.

Respectfully, we declined.

I did order one of those Cinnabon pretzels, though. It's basically a plain version of one of those big pretzels, but it comes with a little container of icing. Good times.

"Ill have a Cinnabon pretzel," I said to the attendant.

"One Cinabbon GOURMET pretzel," he said, and walked off to the other end of the snack bar to get one.

"Gourmet, and yet it comes in a sealed plastic bag," I said to Gloria, because it does.

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