Tuesday, June 13, 2006

TPG Course Design Contest (More)

Okay, here's a little more information on the TPG Course Design Contest.

Like I said, that's a huge prize. It dwarfs anything I've ever heard of for a game in this genre , and I think it's a great idea. It's a much better way to spend marketing dollars, because money spent on ads isn't going back to the community. With a contest, every marketing dollar winds up in the hands of someone who's helping to improve the game. And like I said a few weeks ago: the community wants to help you improve your game. Let them.

I'm in the beta for TPG and I can give you a brief explanation of how the Course Designer works. The easiest (and best-looking) way to make a course is to design holes in Photoshop or some kind of graphics/paint program. Then you import the image for the hole into the course designer, which overlays a grid onto the image. You then assign values to each square in the grid. In essence, you're "identifying" the grid to the game, so that the values for each square in the grid correspond to the image you've imported. You assign elevations, etc. You'll also add tee boxes and shot paths.

That's a very simple description of how it works. You can also manually build a hole completely inside the course designer, but the importing method will be faster and better-looking.

Good luck to anyone who designs a course.

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