Thursday, August 14, 2008

July NPD

Wii: 555,000
PS3: 224,900
360: 204,800

Here's how badly Microsoft needs a real price cut: in the April-July period, they've sold 103,800 more units than last year. That's 8,000 more units a week. In a country with an installed base north of 11 million units, that is nowhere land.

As for Sony, that Metal Gear Solid bump is officially gone. Compared to Microsoft, 224k doesn't look bad, but compared to Sony's goals (no matter what they say publicly), that's also nowhere land.

These numbers are easy to spin--combined 360 and PS3 sales are up over 30% in July compared to last year--but it's absolutely misleading, because it's a 30% increase off a very small base. My vertical jump might be up over 30% from last year, but that just means it's 13 inches instead of 10. It doesn't mean I can jump.

Lastly, what can you say about Nintendo? Right now, they're a cute little juggernaut.

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