Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Console Post of the Week (Mini): 360 Price Cuts

From Major Nelson's blog:
It's official: We've got an Xbox 360 price cut coming to the US. Our friends in Japan announced their price cut earlier this week, but now it's time to roll one out here. As of September 5th, the new prices will be as follows:
Xbox 360 Arcade $199
Xbox 360 $299
Xbox 360 Elite $399

They desperately needed to do that, and it's going to put significant pressure on Sony. The September NPD numbers should be very, very interesting.

And Japan? Earlier this week, Microsoft announced these cuts:
Xbox 360 Arcade $182
Xbox 360 $274
Xbox 360 Elite $367

It's like I mentioned a few weeks ago: if games don't drive demand, then it has to be price.

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