Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Morris Minor is Outraged

Steven Kreuch sent me a link to this remarkable story:
A new line of hair-dye products called Betty Beauty has generated a fair amount of attention during its two years on the market, with mentions in magazines like People, Vogue, Allure and O: The Oprah Magazine. (Vanity Fair called it a “grooming obsession.”)

...Betty Beauty is a dye for pubic hair, and it is now being advertised on New York City subways — which are more commonly associated with ads for vocational training, cosmetic dermatology and houses of worship than with ads for intimate grooming products.

I trimmed that excerpt.

Clearly, the end of the world is near when air traffic controllers feel the need to restripe their runways, so to speak.

But wait, there's more:
The ads make only oblique references to pubic hair: The company says it sells “color for the hair down there,” and the slogan on the ads reads: “Boldly Going Where No Color Has Gone Before.”

It's too bad that Outback already copyrighted the phrase "Chocolate thunder down under," because that would have killed in an advertisement.

And in case you're wondering if "Betty" is slang for, um, North Carolina, it's not. "Betty" is slang for a beautiful woman.

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