Monday, September 08, 2008

Eli 7.1: By The Numbers

Eli had his well-check for his seventh birthday recently, and here are the stats:
Height--49 inches (80% percentile)
Weight--51 pounds (50% percentile)

Tall and skinny, in other words.

Last year, he ran a 1K at the Domain in September, and I made a post about the race and how fast he'd run (5:06, which was 8:10 mile pace).

On Saturday, I realized that same race was coming up again on Sunday morning. So I asked Eli if he wanted to run again, and he said he did.

Last year, we had plenty of build-up for the race, because it was his first, and he was really amped up. This year, he rolled out of the rack, yawned, had some apple juice, and off we went.

I ran a bit to warm up (since I don't run anymore because one of my knees has "not much" cartilage left), and Eli ran with me, because I was trying to gauge how fast we'd run.

Pretty damn fast, based on the warm-up.

How fast? He ran 5:06 last year. He ran 4:11 this year. That's 6:41 mile pace. And I think he would have come very close to breaking 4:00, except he went out a little too fast. Based on his performance progression, by the time he's eleven, he'll be finishing the race 24 seconds before he starts.

I think I calculated that right.

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