Wednesday, September 10, 2008

R.I.P. NCAA: July 15, 2008-September 10, 2008

I decided to try one more time with NCAA 2009-- not because I felt the game really deserved it, but because I enjoy real college football so much.

Here's what I did: I started a legend career as a quarterback for Texas Tech. Even though the camera angle for the linebacker position was completely ruined this year, the camera angle for quarterback actually improved. So I was hoping that in spite of the game's many flaws, a career as a quarterback would still be enjoyable.

I made it to first on the depth chart just before the third conference game, a rivalry game against Texas A&M. It turned out to be a reasonably entertaining game, and at the end of regulation, it was tied 21-21.

I was actually looking forward to overtime. Sure, running backs were still making multiple juke moves before they hit the line of scrimmage, and they couldn't hit a hole with a search warrant and a hammer, but I was trying to look past all that.

Overtime started, and Texas A&M had the ball first. They drove down to the 4 yard line, and on fourth down, they kicked a field goal.

I was feeling pretty good about this. Field goal to tie, touchdown to win. This was going to be exciting.

That's when the "game changing moment" highlights began to run.

In other words, the game was over. No overtime possession for me.

And with that, I put the game disc back in its case, drove directly to Gamestop, and received $24 in trade- in credit.

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