Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Ducks On The Pond

On Mondays, I pick up Eli 7.3 from school, and on the way home, we stop at an Einstein's Bagels to split a cookie. Because of that slight detour, we wind up on an access road along Mo-Pac that passes by what I think is a collection pond (by a new shopping center). It's huge (about sixty yards long), and it's acquired a very attractive array of vegetation--lilly pads and other kinds of green stuff that I know nothing about.

This is the same pond where we stopped to count ducks last winter and there were more than a hundred.

As the weather got warmer, we saw fewer ducks as spring progressed, and this summer, I don't remember seeing any at all. A few weeks ago, though, we saw the first one of all, and every Monday, we count them.

Surely, you know what's coming up now.

"Avg high" (yellow) is average high temperature for the previous seven days (including the counting day).

I'll update the chart every Monday.

Gloria was taking Eli 7.2 to Toys 'R Us after his soccer game on Saturday. Gloria told him that they were almost there, and he said "Mom, I know. I can smell it coming!"

It smells, I'm sure, like victory.

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