Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday Links!

It's the post-election exhaustion edition of Friday Links.

Here's a follow-up to the link I posted last week which cast doubt on whether the "hysteria" following the original radio broadcast of War of the Worlds actually happened. Mitch Krpata sent me a link to a story about a rebroadcast of the program in Ecuador in 1949, and it's even stranger than what happened here. Plus, there's an entire NPR show about various versions of War of the Worlds and why it affects people the way it does, which you can listen to here.

From Jonathan Arnold, a link to the solution of a musical mystery--what the heck is the opening chord of A Hard Day's Night? That might sound like a simple question, but it's been a mystery for over forty years.

Here's a link to a spectacular video from Matt S.--ATV cargo ship Jules Verne burns up during a planned reentry after its ISS mission.

From Neatorama, a link to a Django Reinhardt-inspired version of the theme from the first level of Super Mario Bros 2.

From Sirius, a link to an article about how vampire bats evolved to live on blood.

From the Edwin Garcia Links Machine, a fascinating link to maps of the results of the 2008 presidential election. This is not linked because of politics, but because of the various (and very interesting ways) that the information can be displayed.

From Jesse Leimkuehler, a link to a terrific article about the making of NBA Jam. I still remember the first time I saw NBA Jam in an arcade--it totally blew me away. Here's one more from Jesse, and it's completely mind-blowing--a magnetic portal opens up to connect the Earth and the Sun every eight minutes.

From Don Barree, a link to a remarkable cloning success using the sixteen-year old frozen body of a mouse. Come on, wooly mammoth FTW!

Two links from Brian Minsker. First, a link to a team building a supersonic car that will (hopefully) break the 1000 mph barrier. Also, a link to the fascinating story of Lake Peigneur (hint: don't mix lakes, salt water mines, and oil drilling).

If you just found a eight-foot high Lego man wash up on your local beach, you're not alone (thanks to Geoff Engelstein for the link).

From Mike Gilbert, a link to a series of photos taken on a trip to the North Korean border.

From Nate Carpenter, a link to a video of an aerial saw--you know, the kind that's carried by a helicopter (!). The video's a bit long, so you can skip to about 3:55 to get to the action, but it's totally insane--that saw is GIANT.

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