Monday, February 09, 2009


I took Eli 7.6 to see Coraline on Friday.

The book was written by Neil Gaiman, so it's not a typical children's story. It's also not a typical children's movie. The characters aren't yelling all the time, there aren't any crazy chase sequences, there's almost nothing that would identify it as a contemporary film for children.

Which is outstanding.

In contrast, Coraline is thoughtful, dark, and at least a little unnerving. And utterly brilliant.

It's also done in stop-motion animation, and the combination of stop-motion and 3D is genius. Stop-motion animation always has a slightly unnatural feel to it, and so does 3D (the Viewmaster effect, I call it). Combined, though, their awkwardness complements each other almost perfectly.

In HD and 3D, the look of the film is just astounding. It's the best 3D I've ever seen.

I promised Eli that we'd go see it a second time this week, and we both agree it's the best movie we've ever seen together.

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