Friday, February 06, 2009

Friday Links!

Starting off this week, we have what must be one of the funniest complaint letters in history. Hennie van Loggerenberg sent it in, and it's utterly epic.

Jeremy Fischer sent me a link to an Atari commercial from 1982 (via the ridiculously interesting Rock, Paper, Shotgun), and it's just brilliant.

I know nothing about Eminem--don't know his music, didn't see 8 Mile--but there's a fascinating profile of him here.

Liz Watson sent me a link to Plants in Motion, a series of time-lapse photography movies demonstrating different aspects of plant life (germination, nastic movements, circadian responses, etc.). Very, very cool.

From Geoff Engelstein, a link to what must surely be one of the most bizarre headlines ever: Hippo Eats Dwarf. [Greg Wakolbinger let me know that this story has been debunked at]

From DireKobold, a link to a fascinating story, and here's an excerpt:
Unbeknownst to the thousands of people who walk and drive along the busy streets of downtown Brooklyn every day, they are treading on a 170 year old secret. At 17 feet high, 21 feet wide and 1,611 feet long, it is a big secret indeed, and one filled with greed, murder and corruption. Not long ago, M and I had the chance to go down a manhole in the middle of Atlantic Avenue and find out more. What we found was truly unbelievable

From Steven Kreuch, a link to one of the most inspired business ideas ever: Sarah's Smash Shack. If only we had known about this when we were in San Diego last year! Also, a link to a great series of pictures showing a mother squirrel basically kicking a dog's ass to protect her baby.

From the Edwin Garcia Links Machine, if you want to know what a volcanic eruption looks like, then take a look here.

From Paul Baxter, a link to a story of a collector--of telephone books.

From my friend Pete Thistle, a link to a gripping story titled The Day Kennedy Died, and it's the story of Dr. Robert Nelson McClelland, who tried to save the lives of both John F Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald in the operating room.

From Sean, a link to an absolutely brilliant art project that you must see to believe.

From Sarah Haag, a link to a story about Henry, a tuatara lizard who, at the age of 110, got his freak on and mated, producing 11 offspring. There's no truth to the rumor that his girlfriend inherits his estate as soon as he dies.

From Tim Lesnick, a link to the 15 Worst Construction Mistakes.

From Brian, and it's in reference to the cake I linked to last week, it's Cake Wrecks, and it's exactly what you'd expect, only funnier.

From Sirius, a link to a story about tome raiders, thieves who specialize in rare books. Also, a link to 30 Abstract Satellite Images of Earth, and the colors are stunning. And one of my favorite headlines ever: Cows With Names Produce More Milk, Scientists Say.

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