Monday, February 09, 2009

Gaming Links

Some of you may have played a classic puzzle game titled "The Fool's Errand" that originally came out in 1987. It has a well-deserved status as one of the most interesting brain teaser/puzzle games of all time, and creator Cliff Johnson has been working on a sequel for, well, forever.

Almost forever, anyway. I think I pre-purchased the sequel, "A Fool And His Money," about five years ago.

Anyway, incredibly, the game is almost finished, and you can download a "teaser" that includes the prologue and eleven puzzles here. The game is in "beta testing" now, and I believe the current release date is "summer."

The entertaining Hatchet Job podcast has a new episode, and this time they interview Eurogamer Tom Bramwell. Why exactly ARE those Europeans more interesting than us, anyway? At least, they always seem to be, at least to me.

DQ reader Steve Davis has published a book titled Protecting Games: A Security Handbook for Game Developers and Publishers, and if you're interested, that link goes straight to Amazon.

DQ reader Fredrik Skarstedt is one of the creative forces behind MMOBaseball, and here's a description:
MMOBaseball is a FREE web based RPG game that allows you to create a player, or a team owner, and compete in accurately simulated baseball games against baseball lovers from all over the world. You can create players in every position on the field or own a team or even become a team manager.

You may remember Fredrik as the developer of "Switching Gears," a sort of Futurama-esque platform game that was very clever (I linked to a one-level demo--the game was unable to get enough funding to be completed, but it was very well done).

Oh, and by the way--I'm still listening to the soundtrack of "Sunny Day Sky" in the background. It's hypnotic.

Howie Shack sent me a link to a very stylish, very interesting Flash game called Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2. If you played the original (also very stylish), I think the play mechanics have been improved in this version, and the developer is tremendously creative in a very striking way.

Finally, and I'm only linking to this last because Matt has gotten linked at the top of posts so many times, but his Culture Clash installment this month is titled The Guythagorean Theorem , and it's guys being guys via e-mail. In all the worst ways, obviously, which makes it much funnier.

Apologies for any and all typos in advance. My face is so pressurized right now (damn sinuses) that a dog barked and my head exploded.

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