Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Scribblenauts, Solium Infernium, And My Head Exploding

This will sound a bit insane, but two of my most anticipated titles of the fall are Scribblenauts and Solium Infernium.

In Scribblenauts, you enter any word you can think of to create objects in the game to help you complete a level. It is, quite possibly, the silliest game ever created, and it came out today. There's a copy on my desk, waiting for Eli 8.1 to get home so that we can play it together.

In Solium Infernium, your goal is to rule Hell.

So kind of the same game, really.

Anyway, I know that some of you guys are also looking forward to Solium Infernium as well, and Vic Davis has been putting up some fascinating details about the game design over at his blog Forgotten Lore. It's excellent stuff and Vic can really write, so take a look when you have time.

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