Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I heard the phrase "steel-cut oats" the other day.

I was curious about this phrase, as it called to mind images of honorable samurai, their deadly swords slashing through golden oat fields, the air full of seeds like drifting cherry blossoms.

This is why I love the Internet: I put in the phrase "steel-cut oats" into Google, and within seconds I know that Scottish and Irish oats also exist. I also find a website named Eat More Oats, which, in addition to a plethora of oat-related information, also features an interactive timeline of the history of oats (with entries all the way from 2000 B.C. to the present day, and it really heats up around 1600 A.D.).

None of this information is particularly useful, at least in my life, but that doesn't matter. Cotton candy isn't particularly useful, either, but when I'm eating it, nothing is sweeter.

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