Friday, December 24, 2010

Friday Links!

Holiday cheer, yay Santa, etc.

First, a staggering sight: Niagara Falls, without water. Also, a video link sent in by Jonathan Arnold. Plus one more from Jonathan, a video called How the Japanese multiply. It's a technique called the "lattice method."

Here's an absolutely tremendous link sent in by Tim Jones. It's Scale of the Universe, and it's interactive. This is a guaranteed way to waste half an hour, at least.

From Francis Cermak, and this is genius, it's the audio for the Dark Knight trailer remixed with video of Laurel and Hardy. Also, a video tour of the abandoned Six Flags New Orleans.

From Ryan Malinowsky, a tremendously detailed video explaining what happens during a space shuttle launch. DETAILED.

From David Wolfe, and this is sensational--an augmented reality app for iPhone called Dankam that is "designed to one of several unique and configurable filters to images and video such that colors — and differences between colors — are more visible to the color blind." That is awesome. Also, and this is incredibly interesting as well, an article about The Optical Illusion That’s So Good, It Even Fools DanKam. Totally fascinating stuff.

This is a terrific video sent in by Theo Halloran of the Calgary Hitmen Teddy Bear Toss, an annual event where fans throw teddy bears on to the ice after the first goal is scored in a designated game. How many teddy bears? Over 23,000 this year, believe it or not.

From John Rodriguez, a lighthouse turned into icehouse.

From John D'Angelo, an interesting sidebar on evolution: The Top Ten Daily Consequences of Having Evolved.

From DQ Fitness Advisor Doug Walsh, an unbelievable image: 17 gigapixel photo of Yosemite.

From Sirius, and these photos are absolutely spectacular: Aliens on Earth: macro photographs of insects by Igor Siwanowicz. Also, and these videos are quite beautiful, it's Do Electric Sheep Dream of Dancing Fractals?

From Dan Quock, and again, these pictures are amazing, it's Amazing Satellite Images Of The Ghost Cities Of China.

From The Edwin Garcia Links Machine, and this is outstanding, it's Israeli air force sonic booms ignite crocodiles' sex drives.

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