Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Developments in Autostereoscopic 3D

I assume you're already familiar with my position on the future. This one, anyway.

[skipping pedantic rant about autostereoscopic technology]

Toshiba's doing something quite interesting, which you can read about here: Toshiba's new glasses-free 3D display tilts images and viewing angles your way. This is tablet technology, but it's quite ingenious, and here's a description:
By sticking a six-axis accelerometer in this 12.1-inch slate, the company can tilt the tablet's viewing angle as the tablet itself is tilted, letting viewers effectively look around 3D objects on screen, using software algorithms rather than the fancy lens-and-camera assembly that Microsoft's been prototyping.

Very, very cool, and the video is worth watching as well.

If you believe that the viewing angle problem for autostereoscopic 3D and large displays will never be solved, I can appreciate that position, but I also believe that all of the interesting research is going in this direction, not to improving the passive 3D experience.

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