Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Notes

We went to see Tron Legacy in 3D on Friday, and it was one of the most satisfying movies I've seen in a long time. It steals from everything: Blade Runner, 2001, Star Wars, but it steals so expertly that it doesn't even seem like theft. It's also spectacular visually, and even has a few ingenious moments in the story (ingenious for a science fiction movie, anyway).

Eli 9.4 was so blown away that he rates it as the second best movie he's ever seen (just behind the most recent Harry Potter film).

I also may have sort of promised to take him to an NBA Finals game if the Spurs make it this year.

I believe I forgot to mention this in the DisneyWorld posts, but the airport in Orlando doesn't sell chewing gum, and neither do any of the DisneyWorld theme parks or resorts. Less to clean up, said the lady at the gift shop.

The way I usually write the blog is that I write down any idea I have on a piece of paper, often a scrap, then look through the lists/scraps to get a list of topics for the day. Occasionally, though, I'll write something down and have no idea what the hell it actually is when I'm ready to use it.

For example, there's this: "Jungle--the unknown genius." Okay, then.

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