Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Links: The Addendum

Okay, here's a new nominee for the baddest man on the planet: American Relay Runner Broke His Leg, Still Finished His Run.

From Kadunta, and this guy is another badass, although in a different way: An Unexpected Ass Kicking.

From Steven K., and this is entirely fantastic: "La Munkya" - Written By A Kid Ep 3.

From Evan, and if you like "Chopped" like Eli 11.0 does, then you'll love this: Chopped: Koala Edition.

From Steven Davis, and this is amazing: Real Life Japanese Mech Robot Fires BBs With A Smile.

Ending this week, from Michael O'Reilly, and this is a fascinating story: The Ghost Fleet of Mallows Bay. And you can still clearly see the fleet via Google Maps--just type in "Mallows Bay" and zoom in one increment.

And if you think this post is short, please go back to Thursday (oops) and read part one.

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