Thursday, September 13, 2012

Battle Outfitter

DQ reader Jussi Kollin has developed an Android game called "Battle Outfitter." Here's a description from the Google Play page:
Keep adventurers alive by crafting them better and better equipment in this hectic “pick-three” game!

On a 5x5 board, pick three different materials to craft new gear for the adventurers as they battle in real time. For every additional connected piece of the same material the item gains +1 in attack or defensive power.

- 3 adventurer classes (warrior, archer, healer)
- 5 item classes (armors, ranged and melee weapons, robes and wands)
- 11 different raw materials
- 20+ different valid item combinations and 8 high-level variants of these
- local high score boards
- 15+ local achievements

Game modes:
- tutorial + nine career stages to show you the ropes
- basic survival (a limited selection of materials; game length max. ca 7 min)
- normal survival (all materials available at times; game length max. ca 25 min)
- hectic survival (more and tougher enemies, all resources available all the time; game length max. ca 7 min).

I've played this in various incarnations and it's very interesting and quite challening, with a ton of potential. Jussi is also considering adding a campaign mode, which would be a great addition.

For now, it's free, and here's the Google Play link: Battle Outfitter.

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