Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Very Special Kickstarter

Wings (Cinemaware, Amiga, 1990) was one of the best games I ever played, and--over twenty years later--I still have a trove of fond memories. You played a WWI fighter pilot, and the dogfights were incredibly engaging and deeply personal due to the limitations of aircraft in that era (in short, you had to be damned close to hit your target).

Even more engaging was the pilot's diary, a storyline you followed as you progressed through the game. It was beautifully written and--again--deeply personal.

If that all wasn't enough, Wings also had one of my favorite endings, an absolutely brilliant farewell to the game.

At the time, it looked spectacular on the Amiga 500, and the sound effects were just as amazing.

I mention all this because a Kickstarter is up for a "remastering" of the original Wings. Details:
Now, Cinemaware and a team of games industry veterans are working at bringing this game back with all its original missions, storyline and gameplay intact, presented with new, up-to-date high definition graphics, music, sound and controls!

Did I mention that it was designed by none other than John Cutter?

Here's the Kickstarter page: Wings: Remastered Edition. They're only asking for $85,000, so here's hoping they make it. Playing this game again, with modern graphics, would be a special experience.

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