Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Lou Reed (more)

Because at least one of us has done everything, here's a story from Dave Alpern about Lou Reed:
I grew up in Blairstown NJ. Lou Reed lived there for a decade, used to come in to the supermarket I worked at most Sunday mornings to pick up a paper. Never talked to anyone, would set his paper on the register, drop 30 cents when I told him how much it cost, and walk out to his motorcycle. I had no idea who he was, until the next guy in line one day said, “Nice guy, eh? You know who that was? That was LOU REED!”. To be honest I’d never heard of him. Can’t say he was a bad guy, but very aloof. After his death I read that during that time he was between heroin addictions. 

 I know what you’re thinking, it’s New Jersey, but Blairstown is actually REALLY rural. Mostly farms. It’s only other claim to fame is that the original Friday the 13th was filmed there in one of the local boy scout camps.

I like this story very much, particularly because it's not spectacular. It's just a normal little slice of someone's life. Even though Lou Reed was quite famous, he still had to buy a newspaper, just like everyone else.

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