Monday, July 28, 2014

Gridiron Solitaire #115: Surprises

As I was playing a game last week to test something or other, I saw the halftime stats clipboard displayed for the hundredth (or thousandth) time.

Something about this clipboard has always bothered me.

I've never done anything about it, though, because even though it bothered me, I didn't know why. It was functional, and I left it alone.

This time, though, I knew why.

What was wrong about this clipboard was that I had focused on the broadcast television aspect in the pregame show, then abandoned it at half-time. The clipboard bothered me because it was part of an inconsistent presentation package.

When I realized that, I had an idea.

So even though I was ass-deep in the new Team History Museum, it was time for a side project. Four days later, this was the result:

It's easier to read, much more dynamic in terms of presentation, and it has branding, with the TV network logo in the bottom right, and the league logo subtly in the background.

In spite of the side project, I still made good progress on the Team History Museum this week. Visually, it doesn't look that different now, but quite a bit of real data is being loaded and displayed now, instead of just using dummy data. Plus, the single-season display layout has almost been finalized. Take a look:

It's still dummy data for the player career totals-- I'm working on that later today-- but some of the team data is live (and "XCALC" marks the stats that aren't live yet).

Frederick is working on a bank of player portraits, and when you purchase a player in the off season, he will be assigned a portrait for the duration of his career.

This is going to be a challenging week, because goalie camp is coming up, team tryouts finished this week, and Eli 12.11 becomes Eli 13.0 on Thursday. Still, I need to have team history 90% finished before then so that the testers can start using it.

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