Thursday, September 04, 2014

A Hall of Fame Kickstarter

If every Kickstarter I back from now until the end of time blows up, I don't care. It was worth it, to get this:

Yes, it's a two-volume, encyclopedic guide to Glorantha, Greg Stafford's wonderful and legendary fantasy world that was used as the setting for King of Dragon Pass (which I have happily written about on many occasions).

The two volumes are 800 pages in total, and the art and information is absolutely stellar. Here are a few more images:

I was having a lousy day on Wednesday, then the doorbell rang. A minute or so later, Gloria carried in a box that was clearly quite heavy and said it was for me. A big smile broke out on my face, because I knew immediately what it was.

I knew this would be good--very good--but it's far, far exceeded my expectations.

Here's the funny thing: I don't think I've read a physical book in at least three years. It actually feels strange to hold the book in my hands instead of a tablet!

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