Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Links!

From Sirius, and this is amazing: Absurd Creature Of The Week: This Bug is Big as a Gerbil. Fortunately It Loves Carrots.

From Cody, and this is such a great story: NHL Star P.K. Subban Joined A Street Hockey Game, Got Stopped By An 8 Year-Old.

From Craig, and these are amazing images: Workers discover preserved writings, drawings on slate blackboards at OKC high school.

From Shane Courtrille, and this is terrific: If I Knew Then: Advice on careers, finance, and life from Harvard Business School's Class of 1963.

From The Edwin Garcia Links Machine, and this is a wonderful gift for a wedding: Rolando's Wedding Song. One more, and it's a brilliant mash-up: Bloodsport Mentos Commercial.

From Steven Kreuch, and this is a long, fantastic article: What Is Code?

This is a fascinating article: Where Have You Gone, Secretariat?

Yes, I'm a sucker for cute animal links: 22 Before-And-After Photos Of Pets Growing Up With Their Favorite Toys.

From J. R. Parnell, and this is such a great story: When a little boy lost his stuffed tiger at the airport, airport staff took him on an awesome adventure.

From C. Lee, and this is just awesome: This cat and old guy pair go motorcycling together, are incredibly adorable.

From Hennie van Loggerenberg, and this is highly useful: The Best And Worst Airlines, Airports And Flights, Summer 2015 Update.

From Jeff Fowler, and this is slow loading, but amazing: Abandoned Soviet Shuttles.

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