Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Links!

From C. Lee, and this sounds fantastic: You Have to Play This 1,600-Year-Old Viking War Game. Also, and this is fascinating, it's What Shakespeare Plays Originally Sounded Like. One more, and I think this is going to be huge: Toss your manual overboard—augmented reality aims at big industry. There's plenty more from C. Lee, and this seems to correspond with my own experience: Poetry is going extinct, government data show.

One more, and I'm going to give it a separate paragraph even though it was also submitted by C. Lee because of its importance: A powerful reddit thread reveals what it’s like to have a disability.

From Steven Davis, and this is some serious beatboxing skill: Nicole Paris (Mentor vs Apprentice Pt. 2). Also, and this is entirely bizarre, it's This Simple Trick Makes You Feel Like You’re Being Burned.

From The Edwin Garcia Links Machine, and this is absolutely amazing: The Giant Waterpark Inside an Old German Airship Hangar. Also, and this is a fascinating read: When the End of Human Civilization Is Your Day Job.

This explains so much about so many: Why I’m Always Late.

This next link, from Eric Higgins-Freese, is nothing short of incredible: Stuff in Space. Here are more details: Here's a Real-Time Map of All the Objects in Earth's Orbit.

From Michael Gilbert, and like he says, "What could possibly go wrong?"
Action Park hopes new waterslide will break world record.

From DQ VB.NET Advisor Garret Rempel, and man, what a great project (with lots of instructions if you want to make your own): Kids Climbing Play Structure - Building a Climbing Wall and Cargo Net.

From Marc Klein, and this is a tremendous article: The Endless Fall of Suge Knight.

From Daniel Willhite, and this is quite mesmerizing: worldometers.

From Sirius, and oh my: 'Centipede from Hell' Found in World's Deepest Caves. Also, and I assume centipedes are taking over the world some day, it's TEXAS-SIZED CENTIPEDE FOUND CRAWLING AT GARNER STATE PARK.

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