Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Gridiron Solitaire: Marketing, cont.

I dropped the price of Gridiron Solitaire to $7.99.

This is probably not a smart thing to do, since demand for a card-based football simulation is almost entirely inelastic. However, the game has been out for over a year, so a price drop seems in order.

I also activated one of my product update visibility rounds in Steam, so I'm showing up on the front page of Steam in the "recently updated" category for a few hours.

I'm having a very strange reaction to sending out press releases and asking for coverage, though.

It's more of a paralysis, really.

I have the press release written, and I've gotten good feedback on content. And I have a second list of 700 websites that is giving me a higher (worth e-mailing) hit rate than the PAX press credentials list. So I'm up to 100+ websites that seem like reasonable places to send the press release.

I don't want to send out e-mails that are totally shallow, though, and that's hard to do when you're trying to market a product. I've received tons of them over the year, and most of them are crap. They're 100% phony and ass-kissing and I really don't want to do that to someone else.

I'd like to write something simple and honest. Maybe I'll get less coverage that way, but I'll feel better about the coverage I do get.

One more complication: Eli 14.1 has a hockey tournament this weekend, so if I send out all these e-mails tomorrow/Thursday, it will be difficult to respond to any questions people have.

So here's the coward's compromise (that seems like a decent name for a book, really): create a ton of e-mail drafts, save them, and them fire them out Tuesday morning. The NFL starts next weekend, so the timing is decent, and if anyone needs anything, I can respond promptly.

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