Monday, December 21, 2015

There's a Ten Car Pileup in Turn Two

"Oh god, what is this?" Eli 14.4, aimlessly channel surfing, has stumbled onto the Miss Universe Pageant.

"That's like NASCAR," I said. "It's something you only watch for the wrecks."

Watching Miss Universe today is like peering through a telescope into some kind of alien world. I personally find it staggeringly offensive, sort of a beautiful woman zoo, but there's denying the comic entertainment.

We watched the evening gown competition, and there were two wildly entertaining slip-and-slide moments on those massive heels that everyone wears.

It was impossible to sustain interest, though, so we quit watching after a few minutes. In doing so, we missed the real wreck.

In case you missed it, host Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner.

I know. That's impossible. Except it wasn't, and he announced that Miss Colombia had won, when it fact the winner was the woman standing beside her--Miss Phillipines.


If you want to see the absolutely excruciating footage, here it is:
Steve Harvey Announces Wrong Winner Of Miss Universe, Chaos Ensues.

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