Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Saugatuck (part two), and a Most Talented Bear

After the beach, we went to some local shops.

Every beach town has local shops. What's in them is largely the same crap, and it's marked up to at least double what it's worth. We actually found one shop (with an ancient steward) where the same crap was marked up to four times what it was worth.

It was there that we stumbled onto a hostage situation:

We really shouldn't even be let out in public, let alone go on day trips.

In another store--a gallery--Eli 15.11 became enamored with this fine work of art:

What you can't really see from the image is that it's done in a very interesting style, with thick splotches of bright paint tossed on at interesting points. The image really leaps off the canvas.

It was $600, incredibly, and even with a studio closing 70% discount (can't imagine why they're closing), it was still $180. "I like it, but I don't hundred and eighty dollars like it," he said. "It's hilarious, though."

"I bet we can find it cheaper," I said.

"Maybe it's a local artist," Gloria said.  "This may be the last one."

"There's a guy in China painting this five times an hour," I said. "He lives in 'Bear Riding Scooter Painting' town."

 I went on eBay today and found it for $48. It's coming from China.

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