Thursday, May 03, 2018

Coming Around

Eli 16.9 was getting his SAT score today. This is from last night.

"Well, it's probably going to be awful," he said. "I guess there's always Clown College."

"Are you kidding?" I asked. "Every AP test you took for Clown College would be a five. You'd start with fifty credit hours."

"Not helping," Eli said.

"Card Magic, Juggling, Unicycle, Plate Juggling, Pie Throwing..." I said.

"Really not helping!" he said.

We sat there for about fifteen seconds.

"I really would probably start as a Junior, wouldn't I?" he said.

He got his score this morning. 1470.

Disappointed, because he wanted to knock out a 1540 or something and not need to take it again, but that's a really high score for the first time taking the test. He's taking it again in early June and we'll see what happens.

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