Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Thoughts While Watching Rudolph

Yukon Cornelius was in the snow cave with the reindeer.

"Man, Yukon Cornelius is a large individual," I said.

"He's frickin' HUGE," Eli 17.4 said.

"Seriously, that is not normal," I said. "Wait, hold on." I paused the DVR with Yukon Cornelius standing right next to the reindeer. "I think we can figure this out."

Eli started laughing. "It seems like we need to," he said.

"We're treating Rudolph like the Zappruder film," I said. "Now, how tall is a reindeer? Googling." Eli laughed again. "Okay, they're from three to five feet tall, not including antlers. Standing next to Cornelius, and maybe subtracting a little for slope, that's seven feet, at least."

"Eight," Eli said.

"Between seven and eight feet tall," I said. "And surprisingly agile for his size. NBA ready."

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