Thursday, January 31, 2019


I snowshoed for half an hour in the late afternoon yesterday, in wind chill of -35.

When it's wind chill of zero, I'm fine. I get hot, even, after half an hour.

At -35 wind chill, you will not get hot. You will get just warm enough to keep going. Plus, and here's a bonus, this is what your glasses will look like when you're done:

Yeah, that's ice. It's like looking through a periscope, and not a good one.

Just a bit of snow in the last few days:

It's quite beautiful, though:

In the middle of all this weather, George unexpectedly had a moment of near-greatness. I let him out to pad around in the snow, which he likes:

While he was doing this, the fattest robin I have ever seen landed on the on the lowest branch of a tree in the backyard. George was walking back across to come in the house, and that robin flew about a foot over his head, and George gave chase.

The world's fattest robin being chased by the world's slowest cat.

It's the first time George has ever tried to attack a non-human, and it was thrilling, even though it all looked like it was happening in slow motion. George didn't catch him, but he was spirited, and I only wish I'd gotten video.

He was exhausted with that ten seconds of effort and quickly retreated to his unfolded laundry lair:

I assume he'll wake up by Saturday.

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