Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Fixing Basketball

Okay, you may not think that basketball is broken.

The best teams in the NBA--many of them, anyway--play a beautiful, free-flowing, highly skilled game now. It's incredibly entertaining to watch.

Then there are the free throws.

Free throws slow the game down to a crawl. It's brutal. You have this excellent game, and then a sub-game inside it that's absolute ass. Plus it's glacial.

So why don't they just shoot one free throw?

If a player gets fouled on a three-point attempt, they get one free throw that's worth three points. On a regular shot, one free throw worth two points, etc.

One and ones? They're gone. One free throw worth two points.

Yes, it's a radical change, but just think how much faster the game would become if free throws were handled this way.

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